Lab & Diagnostics

Lab & Diagnostics

Preventing illness in your furry companions is our top priority, but our ability to detect and treat illness is just as important. When your pet isn’t feeling their best, veterinary diagnostics are our go-to resource for giving your pet—and their ills—a voice. With our onsite laboratory, digital X-ray machine, and ultrasound equipment, we’re able to develop a complete picture of your pet’s condition which directly informs our treatment plan.

Digital Radiology

X-rays, often referred to as radiographs, are produced by sending light waves, not visible to the human eye, through tissue much like an ultrasound sends sound waves. X-rays pass through the body and different tissues allow different amounts of the wavelength to pass through, creating a different appearance between bone, skin, air, and other organs when the x-ray is produced.

At our hospital, we use digital x-rays instead of x-ray film. Not only does this prevent contaminating the environment with harsh chemicals and metals used during regular x-rays processing, but it allows us to store the images digitally, send them by email, and even zoom them and change the darkness/contrast and other settings after the images has already been collected. This allows us to take only one image in most cases, preventing repeated x-ray exposure to your pet trying to ‘get it perfect’ – we can use our single image and make it perfect later! Digital x-rays can also be sent and reviewed by a specialist in veterinary radiology as the need arises.

X-rays are considered a non-invasive diagnostic test. This means that your pet may be placed on his or her side for one view, and on his or her back or belly in a comfortable foam trough for a front-to back view. We rarely need to provide sedation for collection of radiograph images, but if you pet is and remains nervous even after being comforted by our skilled technicians, your pet’s doctor may offer to provide your pet with a mild sedative to allow the experience to be a pleasant one.

Laboratory Testing 

Using our in-house lab, our clinic is proud to offer advanced diagnostic technology and tools to allow our veterinarians to give you an accurate diagnosis of your pet’s medical issues.  

Wellness screenings:

  • Complete blood counts
  • General chemistries
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecal testing (parasites)
  • Blood pressure
  • Electrocardiograms

Viral screenings:

  • Parvovirus in dogs

While we do offer a considerable range of in-laboratory testing, it is possible that your pet may need additional testing that we may not be able to perform in the hospital. For those cases, we are happy to send blood work or other testing to an outside lab that will send results back to us.

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